Every Song Tells A Story
What a wonderful experience to tour “The EverySong Tells A Story” show with Randy Bachman. The DVD is hard to find in stores but I managed to find it on Amazon.com Here is what people are saying:

” Randy’s band is excellent and sounded great. As for Colin, all I say is he is a suitable “stand in” for Burton Cummings and a talented musician. If you can’t have Burton Cummings, Colin is probably the next best thing. That is one huge pair of shoes that is impossible to fill anyway. By and large, Randy and crew successfully captured the distinctive sound of the GUESS WHO and BTO.”

” I for one would quickly purchase a volume 2 of this if it ever were available. His band is also very good, doing great work with each of the songs. I was surprised that Colin Wiebe was able to fill Burton Cummings’ shoes without sounding like an exact replica.”

” Randy put together a tight four piece band and put them into an intimate small theatre. Great sound and camera work. This is as good if not better than any Storytellers that I’ve seen on VH1.”

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