It was an “out of the blue” email I sent to marketing professional and copywriting expert, Michel Fortin that resulted in an impromtu jam session in Ottawa.


In my marketing business I have been following Michel Fortin’s blog. Michel lives in Ottawa and our band doesn’t get to Ottawa very often (let alone to play a free outdoor concert) so I took a chance and invited him to our show. He responded saying he would have loved to come but he had a gig. A gig? I didn’t know he was a musician. Turns out he is the drummer for a classic rock band called Jaded Ways.


After meeting him for coffee before our Winterlude show, I decided to surprise him and show up at his gig. I was invited up to do a few songs and we rocked. He is a great drummer and his band are classic rock pros. I was a little tired for the plane the next morning but we had fun.