My Story

I’ve been blessed to be able to tour around the world as a musician with some of the biggest names in rock history. As much fun as is it is leading a sing-a-long with countless numbers of rabid fans, even Rock n Roll is a business. Tours only last so long and I had to find another outlet for my creativity to keep the lights on. I paid the bills by working as a Creative Director for two major daily newspapers. I struggled to hire new staff in a union shop so I founded, the world’s first virtual marketing department, in 1997.

My company found a niche in branding and launching start-ups which thrilled my creative side. I discovered how my unique advertising and design skills honed at the newspaper, along with my ability to effortlessly connect with audiences from the stage, could be combined to teach and help entrepreneurs communicate their story to their customers in a new and powerful way. My years of experience blending offline with online strategies has made me an in-demand marketing consultant, speaker, and coach.

I often use the business of Rock and roll as a metaphor so my clients not only clarify their brand, sculpt their perfect message, engage their staff but they have a ton of fun doing it. I still tour and capture my road stories in a podcast called Let’s Talk Rock. In this phase of my life I’m ready to give back and offer my wisdom and experience to inspire others to greatness. I enjoy consulting with private clients and helping them to find their passion and help to make their dreams come true.