Wayne, the promoter in Morden MB, got me good I must admit. The small community of Morden about 2 hours south of Winnipeg hosted The Randy Bachman Band at it’s annual Corn and Apple Festival. What Randy didn’t know, is that Morden is the home of many of my relatives on my Father’s side of the family and they are practical jokers. When we rolled into town the first evidence of the event was a poster with my face on it. The poster listed all Randy’s hits as my hits and featured a tiny black and white photo of Randy in the bottom corner. (He was the cover band) The poster looked official even for a joke and I was suitably embarrased. (Thanks Wayne you warned me)

To top it off when they introduced the band after a mild introduction of Randy the annoucer screamed “but the real reason we’re here tonight is to hear . . . Colin Arthur Wiebe”. A thunderous cheer erupted and the fans and relatives waived “We Luv U Colin” placards.

Thanks Wayne that’s a moment I won’t forget for a long time (and neither will Randy 🙂
Only in Morden where the corn is sweet and the folks have wayyy too much time on their hands. You can see the poster here at http://www.colinarthur.com/morden.html