My friend and mentor Steve Chandler suggested on a call recently that “it’s not who you know” but what you “do” that brings us what we desire. I see friends of mine who spend an enormous amount of time on Facebook, Twiiter, attending functions etc. and basically believing the lie that they need to meet decision makers and build a huge network of contacts to find success and happiness. They believe if they get to know the “right” people, then they will get a foot in the door.

While they are busy hob-nobbing, MSN-ing and tweeting about, they forget that if they don’t create anything of value, their Linked In connections will all know them as social but mediocre. I used to think it’s “who you know” in the music business that would get someone a record deal. The truth is . . . it’s what you do that will land you a record deal, a fan base or a hit song. When you spend time on your work and focus your energy on your passion, you will find an inner sense of confidence that when completed will be worth tweeting about.

Thanks Steve for reminding me that it’s always about “what you do” and not “who you know”.