I went with our tour manager Alf to a recording studio just outside of Lund. The studio was out in the country just past the windmill in the picture below.

We picked up some gear and on the way back to Malmo we drove through the old town of Lund. Lund is a University town and the cobblestone streets are filled with students on bicycles. We toured through one of the oldest churches in Sweden (it’s over 1000 years old) I got a strange feeling walking through such a historic place. The dungeons, the crypts, the incredible sculptures and masonry reminded me of a chapter in the Da Vinci code.

I was told that the way Christianity came to Lund was the due to the persistence of faithful Christians. The Christians would come in peace carrying no weapons, the vikings would chop their heads off. The Christians would keep coming, always in a loving manner, in peace, carrying no weapons. The vikings would continue to chop their heads off. Soon the vikings realized these people meant no harm and decided that if their God was that powerful to have people with such great faith, the vikings would welcome them so as not to offend their God.

We sat for a while at a sidewalk espresso bar for a Café Latté and absorbed the culture of such an academic, historic town.