To understand this story I’ll just post an email my friend Ken McArthur sent out:


Hey Everybody,

While I was sitting on a couch talking to Colin Wiebe on Saturday evening, he received the following e-mail form his virtual assistant in the Phillippines.

The Typhoon has impacted over 1 million people, over 200,000 still need support. and the death toll continues to rise.



Here is Ana’s email:


Hi Colin

Sorry for only emailing now.  We’ve been hit by a massive tropical storm and we are under state of calamity. Our house has been flooded, we have no electricity or internet and flood waters are still high. I’m just using my cellphone to try to send you a notice, but will soon run out of battery.
Please give me time to put our house in order. Thankfully none of us are hurt, but many have died in our area. If you know the devastation of hurricane Katrina, you will have an idea of our situation right now.

My sister’s house is still under water as well as my brothers their children are now with us this has never happened before


It’s hard to imagine that a person could be that loyal as to phone and inform Colin why she couldn’t work at a time like this.

That is a testament to the character of these loyal, hard working people. Right now they need food, clothing, blankets money or donations as their local government can no longer keep up with the demand of everyone needing help.

Colin is calling on our jvAlert and Impact communities to band together and without offers, incentives or free stuff help these folks survive.

Together we can do so much more than we can apart. Read the P.S. below if you want to help.

All the best,


I have worked all week with my friend John from to coordinate the container contents and there are church Pastors in the Philippines coordinating distribution. I challenge you to mobilize your talent and resources NOW. Your prayers are needed too. We have already shipped 3000 meals, enough water purification packets to cleanse 12,000 litres of water as well as clothing and blankets.

We have the distribution. All we need are more donations to finance the operation. These people work hard for us - let’s show them how we can team up to make a difference!


Colin Wiebe