CloserToYou_CDI received a wonderful random telephone call from someone who had listened to my “Closer To You” CD while on vacation this summer. Both him and his wife played it over and over again at the lake and it’s become one of their favorites. You never know when a song is going to strike a chord and hit home to someone. I humbly thanked him and when he asked me when I would release something new, I actually had a positive answer! I’ve been in writing sessions working on new songs for my next release and will be recording some of the first tracks this week.

It’s a hectic month as I prepare to tour with Larry Branson (Roy Orbison) at the end of the month and get a new band together. It’s been a wonderful summer but it’s time to get back to business. If you are a songwriter reading this, it’s a thought to keep in the back of your mind that you never know when your music will touch someone. Keep recording it so it can be shared!