I was visiting with a very wealthy friend of mine and he said to me, “You know the problem with having everything you could ever want?” . . . ” The only thing I have to look forward to is the next model up”.

He complained that all he had to look forward to was the next iPhone, next year’s model Audi, or a new menu item at his favorite fancy restaurant. I suggested it was time for him to move from “Success to Significance”. You see the happiest wealthy people I’ve met are those who enjoy the process of helping others. My friend and former Dragons Den celebrity, Brett W. Wilson is a great example. Brett is very involved with a number of philanthropic projects. Even the people of limited means are happiest when they are contributing. I have chosen a few causes that I support and I’m sure as time goes on I will add to this list. There is no greater calling than being of service to others in need.


Our family loves to sponsor Compassion children. Unlike other child sponsorship programs, all the money we send goes directly to our particular child and we can visit the child if we want (which we have done as a family). I always like to start with end in mind which is why I’ve identified that great leaders come from well supported and educated children. I have witnessed the success of Compassion Canada in developing starving children into leaders within their communities. You can read more about Compassion here but trust me when I tell you, that they are one the most “squeaky clean” and well run, organizations in the world. The proof is in the fruit of their labour. They save children from poverty, they educate them, nourish them, provide emotional and spiritual guidance to them and most of all with their holistic approach, they can change the destiny of an entire family and even an entire country. Compassion kids have grown up to become government officials, doctors, engineers and many other positions of distinction.

I invite you to join me in supporting such a worthy organization. Click here to learn more.

Below are a few other causes I either support financially or volunteer with









Here are some of the organizations I’m supporting right now:


Ride Of Your Life Disc

You can hear a clip of the song here: Ride of Your Life - Closer to You

For a number of years I was the Entertainment Chair for The Canadian Cancer Society. I helped arrange talent for their annual gala. Sarah McLachlin, Three Dog Night, CCR and Loverboy were a few of the acts I had the honour of bringing to the gala and also performing prior to their set as the warm up act. My song “Ride of Your Life” was written for the “Cops For Cancer”, “Tour For a Friend” fundraising ride.



My family and I took a trip to visit our sponsored child. It changed our lives.

The work of Compassion has to be seen first hand.
When you see the results you will become a believer.
Fund an entire CSP – Call 1 800 563-5437 to contact Compassion
Make a donation to the Child Survival Fund.

For further information about CSP email csp@compassion.ca or call 1 800 563-5437.

Compassion Child Survival Program


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